Burke AC Travel Uniforms

BAC Travel Soccer will be switching to Adidas uniforms supplied through soccer.com for the Fall '18 season.
The basic travel kit will continue to consist of 2 jerseys, 1 pair of shorts, and 2 pairs of socks.  The price for the new kit is $120.
In addition to the Men's and Youth versions of the uniform, jerseys and shorts will now also be available in Women's styles.

I already have a BAC/Under Armour uniform, do I need to buy a new one for Spring '18?  
No.  If you already have a BAC travel uniform you do not need to replace it for Spring season.
Where do I get the new uniform?  
Travel soccer uniforms will now be ordered online from soccer.com.
Can I still get travel soccer uniforms at Burke Sporting Goods?  Why not? 
No.  We are making the switch to Adidas uniforms since the options from Under Armour did not meet our needs.  Particularly, the updated styles from UA varied enough from the current uniform in terms of color that the two styles could not be mixed on a team.  We looked at uniforms from a number of different manufacturers and settled on Adidas.  Unfortunately, Burke Sporting Goods is not an authorized distributor for Adidas, necessitating a switch to a new supplier.