Guidelines for a Safe "Return to Play"

On July 1st, 2020, Northern VA moved from Phase 2 to Phase 3 of reopening under Governor Northam’s plan. BAC is a community organization forecasted on implementing the precautions necessary to ensure a safe return to play for all players, parents, coaches and staff. This next step allows BAC to expand the number of players we have on a permitted field at a time, allows for spectators, and increases the activities that players can participate onsite.

The following information is a compilation of resources we have gathered over the past three months: the rules and regulations set forth by Federal, State and Local governments; guidance from the CDC and state/local health and medical authorities; and the best practices researched by national soccer and youth sports organizations.  This information is evolving daily as the COVID-19 situation changes and as new information becomes available.

The Guildelines for a Safe "Return to Play" document is organized as follows:

BAC Return to Play FAQ’s

Updated June 12, 2020

Will my child be required to wear a face covering to participate in youth sports?

  • No. BAC is not requiring children to wear face coverings. BAC is asking that all BAC coaches, trainers, team administrators use a face covering when working with their respective teams in a close setting (talking with parents, other staff, players).

Will BAC screen players at each training/game session (temperature checks, medical clearances, etc)?

  • No. BAC will ask that parents/players be responsible for their own health and notify the BAC Club Administrator, Coach and Team Manager in the event of illness. All BAC parents/players will be required to sign the COVID-19 Waiver for Communicable Diseases.

Will BAC Coaches be tested with the COVID-19 antibody test prior to coaching this Fall?

  • No. BAC has educated and informed the Coaching/Training staff regarding the risks to COVID-19 and trust they were act responsibly in notifying the club of illness.

What happens if my Coach or a player on my team tests positive for COVID?

  • In accordance with state and local privacy and confidentiality laws and regulations, BAC will notify local health officials, team staff, league officials and families immediately of any case of COVID-19 while maintaining confidentiality in accordance with the ADA and other applicable laws and regulations.

When will the Fall 2020 League season begin?

  • At this time, the information shared by NCSL and EDP is that they are planning on a Fall 2020 season to begin in late summer (August/September)

Will my team participate in tournament play this Fall?

  • The decision to participate in tournament play this Fall will be determined by individual team coaching staff in conjunction with BAC Travel Director of Coaching Dave Kerr. At this time, full field games and/or tournaments are not permitted under the state of Virginia guidelines for reopening “Forward Virginia" plan. National youth soccer organizations are recommending that when states are able to reopen, travel to tournaments is limited to the local area.

Helpful Information and Resources

CDC Guideline to Youth Sports

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