Burke AC Real Blue (U19 Boys) Final Game


Burke ACs U19 Boys Team, Real Blue, will complete their final season this Sunday 8pm at Witter Fields Complex, Bishop Ireton School, Alexandria. 

Real Blue started in the Fall 2004 in the U9 Division and has completed 20  seasons in NCSL.  Fifty-eight (58) boys have played for Real Blue.  Real has been coached by Coach Dave Kerr, who has been with Burke AC since 2003.  The team record is 65-38-17 and has been in NCSL Division 1 since U16.

Three players have been on the team since the team started Fall 2004.  They John Bordell, goal keeper, Dustin Jutras, and Will Richter. These three boys started in BAC House program and were coached by John Richter, Real Blue Assistant Coach.

In the Summer of 2012, Coach Kerr organized a ten day trip to England for Real Blue to play four games against youth teams in Liverpool and London.

Real Blue boys are hoping to continue playing soccer in college after high school graduation.