About Burke AC Travel Soccer

Burke Athletic Club (Burke AC) sponsors a comprehensive soccer program for boys and girls from three to nineteen years of age. The Burke AC travel program provides a more competitive and advanced playing opportunity for its participants. It is the mission of Burke AC to create a meaningful, positive experience for travel players; to develop soccer skills; and to teach the lessons associated with team play (i.e., sportsmanship, building self-esteem).

The goals of the Burke AC travel soccer program are to:

  • Provide a balanced program that affords opportunities for maximum skill development and the challenge of higher-level competition
  • Provide an opportunity for the most talented and dedicated players in the area to play together, to allow teams to play at the highest level of competition possible
  • Provide an opportunity for players who both desire more advanced play and have appropriate level of knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Meet the developmental needs of a travel player, taking into account a player’s physical, mental, and social growth and developmental needs as well as player and parent commitment
  • Establish and maintain competitive teams in the National Capital Soccer League (NCSL) and EDP Soccer League